7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Switch to Magnetic Cable Chargers

Posted by Adrian Danuleasa on

Magnetic charger cables for Micro USB or iPhones are changing the way we currently use our phones and lifehacking an extra few minutes of time in each person's life. Just think about how many times some people connect and disconnect a cable into a phone. 

We thought we'd show you some of our top reasons why we think everyone should switch to magnetic cable chargers:

  1. No more frayed cables and broken cable necks. The magnetic charger is designed with yank protection in mind so the chances of pulling on a cable and breaking a little bit every time are essentially nullified. 
  2. No more fiddling to get the charger in when in the dark and no more tripping over the cable and dropping your phone. The magnetic charger seamlessly connects when near the phone as seen in the video below so using it in the dark is easy and due to the yank free protection it gets disconnected if you ever trip over the wire. We know we all do it constantly. 
  3. Double acts as a dust plug for your charging port. When not in use, the adapter stays in your phone and can act as a dust protector. When's the last time you took a look in that charging port? Yuck!
  4. Works on iPhones and Android phones. The magnetic chargers are available for both Lightning and Micro USB so no one is left out.
  5. Works on both charging and transferring data - no need to worry about it being just a charging mechanism as it doubles like any cable would with a data transferring feature.
  6. One hand use. The ease with which it connects is amazing. No need to hold one end while fiddling with the cable and port. Just slide the phone towards the cable and the cable will jump on. It's that easy!
  7. Pricing - not but not least, you can get a cable like this on our website for just $13.99 (on-sale price). That's less than what companies like Apple or Samsung would charge for a REGULAR cable of theirs. 
  8. Bonus reason - it's now also available for USB Type C phones like the Pixel and cater to all possible situations. :)

Have a look at these amazing videos and see it in action. 

Are you convinced? We know we are. :)

Click the image below and choose the best option for you!


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