Remee Dream Control Device

  • $34.99

Remee Official Description :

-- Precision Designed LED lamp brightness not only allows the user to identify the brain to light also do not let the user awakened from a dream . 

-- As for the configuration of six , in order to ensure that users of any face when using goggles.

-- Lighting can be successfully shines into the eye . 

-- Selecting red light , because compared with other wavelengths of light , red light is more easily penetrate the skin and the power consumption is small. (Remee run just rely on a 3-volt battery ) . 

-- It is specially mentioned that  Remee can also choose different sleep patterns. For example, you want to sleepy afternoon nap, Remee can be set to "nap" ( nap ) mode. After 15 minutes , Remee will be intimate with flashing red lights to remind you: Hey , get out of bed !

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